Planning a Trip

During the Easter break, I’ll be heading off on holiday with my boyfriend, and it’ll be the first holiday where we’re responsible for sorting everything ourselves: #adulting. So, in this blog post, I thought I’d take you through my planning process and hopefully help any of you who might be going away this Easter or summer!

Once we’d booked the trip, the first task I set myself was finding recommendations and ideas for things to do while we’re there. A couple of my friends had actually visited the city quite recently, so I messaged them and asked for their recommendations. This is so helpful as you can learn from what they loved and what they wish they hadn’t wasted time or money on, so you’ll be less likely to make those sorts of mistakes! I also purchased a travel guide for the city and wrote down some of the most recommended things in that, as well as nice cafes etc. that are near our hotel.

The next thing to do is to prioritise these ideas and/or group them into areas. So, if you’re in one area one day, you can get all the events/landmarks/attractions etc. in that area done in one day and not have to waste as much travel time. As well, prioritising ideas means that you’ll almost certainly get to do the things you’re most excited to do, which should hopefully make your trip really fun and memorable! This is especially useful if you aren’t staying for long, as we’re only away for 3 nights, and you really want to squeeze as much into your time in the city as possible.

My next tip would be not to plan too much. I really have to stop myself from doing this as I love planning things. But, if you plan your days down to the hour, or even the minute, all you will do is create so tight a schedule that you won’t be able to deviate from it if you find anything that isn’t on the list that you’d love to do! You have to leave room for mistakes with travel time, weather disruptions, and spontaneity amongst other things!

The next step for me is to write many, many lists and get packing! I hope if anyone is going away this Easter or summer that you have a brilliant time and can really relax during your time away from uni!

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