Transforming Lives

The University’s core purpose, and something I recently applied in practice.

The last two months of mine were dark. Coursework along 3 jobs and volunteering for a society left me with pretty much no room to do anything else – and if I could find a spare minute, I tried to apply to some jobs here in the UK, but I was told either “brexit-uncertainty-bla-blah” thing, or straight “no.” That didn’t help, and I felt so miserable that it started affecting my physical state. I did some exercise here and there, but that provided only a temporary fix, so I realized that I need to do more: At the end of March, I remapped my entire timetable, ended two of the jobs, the society took a spring holiday, and just like that, I set off into April as a new person. This then gradually gained intensity, and the last few days were an absolute blast. Let’s look at what I did over the last 10 days:

Last weekend I organized a road trip for friends, across the Western Highlands.

Spotless weather, great outdoors, and amazing company – this was such class!

Then, this week kept me busy getting stuff done towards the degree show:

Measuring, laying cables, testing IR lighting…

…bolting bits and pieces into pure excitement.

Once the school closed, there was still some sunlight to have more fun – so nice to have them days long again!

I did some slacklining…
…cycled around the city to get some sweet views on pretty spring clouds…
…and went to an exhibition opening, where I met some friends I haven’t seen in ages.

The weekdays passed in light speed, and so did this weekend:

Yesterday I went to Dunkeld with pals from the Cycling Club to ride some grand trails and to swim in the Tay River…
…and ended the day near the Broughty Castle with the Rucksack Club.
And today, I continued to work on my degree show projects, played with synths…
..and joined friends from local slackline community for an evening in the Magdalen Green.

Such a massive change, so much better. I am living, again.

The outlooks are bright, too. I am thrilled about the upcoming weeks, as the artwork is taking shape. Come see the degree show, to see the result!

And I am chilled about what’s happening afterward. Some opportunity will show up – either here, or elsewhere. Last eight years I changed my address at least once per year, might as well keep that wheel spinning. You can follow my blog to stay updated on what the future holds for me.

Thanks for reading.

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