How To Pack For Uni?

The move-in date is approaching, so it is about time to start thinking about what to bring, and how to pack it. This can be a headache, but it doesn’t need to be – I’ll share how to make it a piece of cake instead:


Make a list of the things you want to bring. Allow time for this – it will save you time and money of unnecessary runs to the local stores, just to get that socks you forgot. Thinking it through is the key.

Now, the list of things can be very individual. However, I went through the process of packing to the uni quite a few times, and some stuff is just universal. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful:


  • ID (Passport and visas, flights… depending on where are you coming from)
  • Wallet, ideally with a bit of GBP cash.
  • Phone (pro tip: If you aren’t familiar with Scotland, and you don’t have a UK data pack, download some offline map of the local area. It can be a lifesaver)
  • Keys (in case you want to go back, at some point)
  • Electronics (it depends on you and your course, but generally, a laptop and headphones come in handy in uni life. I like to bring my camera with me – you might too, as Scotland is visually stunning. Don’t forget a memory card, while at it)
  • Cables and a plug converter, to charge everything. (UK plugs are Type G and run 230v 50Hz – it’s worth checking if your adapters are compatible with that voltage; otherwise, you are going to fry ’em.)
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes – A category on its own, but generally, I like a minimalist approach. A few shirts, two pairs of shoes, trousers, some socks and underwear, and a good jacket, that’s is basically it. Anything more can be purchased here.
  • An item that is close to your heart. A musical instrument, a talisman from some epic vacation you did, that plushy animal from childhood… a thing that you can’t buy here – either because it is too expensive, or it has a personal value to you. Bring it – it will go a long way. Seriously, this is important, as during a long evening before a test or a deadline, this item can save the day.

I took an entire bike – to me, a good bike ride can do more good than a visit to the counselling. Once I even built the bike at the Edinburgh airport and saved on the train tickets. If you feel adventurous, I highly recommend that:


I don’t like dragging heavy suitcases and paying extra fees to airlines for overweight luggage. However, if you don’t mind, say, you will be arriving in a car and have extra space, consider:

  • Bag for laundry
  • Bedding set
  • Clothes horse
  • Hangers
  • Hairdryer
  • Decoration

Stuff you don’t really need, even you might think you do:

  • Notebooks and pens. You can get these as freebies during the freshers week.
  • Summer clothes. Unless you are planning to stay over the summer, but still even then.. Scotland ain’t Italian riviera, and here, an extra jacket will do more good than a pair of shorts.
  • Pans, dishes, cutlery. They are heavy and bulky to carry, and you can get them here. Either buy new or get used free of charge from the Chaplaincy giveaway.
  • Doorstop – in the uni accommodation, all the doors are fireproof and you must keep them closed.


Leave the actual packing to the last minute hour. This might sound odd, but bear with me – stuffing that backpack really won’t take an entire day -even if you need to do a bit of Tetris, cramping everything in. If you start to pack way too early, you either end up nervously sitting on your luggage for hours, hypnotizing that departure time, or you will procrastinate, and kill hours on the Internet while having your suitcase open in front of you. Neither of these is productive.

If you have your list “what to bring” completed ahead of time, the packing itself is done in a few, and you can spend more time with your family or/and friends, doing something fun.

There you go. Once it’s time, play some good tunes, and enjoy the packing. You got it.

See you in Dundee,


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