Creative, Sustainable Learning

The University’s Main Library recently opened a new space for students to enjoy, and it is amazing:

It offers students to relax from the academic life while doing something creative -thus, it is called CreateSpace. It is located in the library’s ground floor, and once you enter, you are welcomed with Lego bricks ready for you to built whatever makes you happy.

That is followed by coloring books, and also 3d printers, badge makers, and plenty of other goodness. Some of the stuff is self-explanatory, for others you’ll need an induction by a member of staff, who are happy to help.

Being creative is among the best ways to relax your mind from stress and anxiety, conditions that sometimes come with big assignment and exams – so it is fantastic to see such facility in the library. You can interrupt your journals and scripts to do some origami, and then return back in a more productive fashion.

However, the space go beyond being a fun corner to let off steam: they also have some tools so you can fix things. For example, there’s a sewing machine.

So you can come and repair your clothes, instead of buying new. This happened in a convenient timing, as I recently discovered a hole in one of my pockets. So last night, I went to mend it.



Okay, I know. It is not the cleanest job. It was the second time I ever worked with a sewing machine, I am rubbish at it. But hey, this is inside the pocket, nobody’s going to see it anyway. You wouldn’t expect a lap record at Silverstone from someone who’s driving for the second time in their life, would you? This does the job perfectly well.

Nowadays, being green is fashionable. Many institutions would go green by installing a solar panel or purchasing a fleet of electric vehicles, but let’s be honest – while it’s good for their press, it has no tangible effect for the ordinary students whatsoever.
Projects such as the CreateSpace, on the other hand, contributing to more reusing and therefore less waste, while they directly benefit students.

CreateSpace is a marvelous example of how universities can combine learning with well-being, while benefit both ecology and economy. I am applauding the UoD for offering this service.

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