What I learned during my internship with Mott Macdonald

Having applied for over 20 internships during semester 1 of third year, I was starting to get nervous, having not heard back, received rejections and completed tons of online tests, I finally received a call to attend an interview with Mott Macdonald, in Aberdeen. While Aberdeen is only an hour away from Dundee, I had never been to I was nervous to begin with. Having attended interview and being extremely lucky I was offered a placement. I couldn’t believe it!

Be proactive

In a live engineering office, everyone is busy working on different projects, with the intern there to learn and help, I was extremely important to make sure I got involved with as much as possible. Asking questions was key to ensuring I understood and completed work to a required detail. With a limited experience with AutoCAD and no experience designing drainage I was dropped in the detail. Making sure I was proactive in my approach to work ensure I got the most out of my placement, even getting to go on site

Ask questions

As I touched upon asking questions is extremely important, if you aren’t sure or don’t understand. It ensures you can be as helpful and means you don’t need to go back to a project engineer with questions you should have asked the first time. A simple but basic rule steered me right through my 8-week placement and lead me being offered to stay on for the rest of summer, which of course I accepted.

Don’t be afraid of the commute

Studying in Dundee meant that I had a flat over summer, I was extremely conflicted on whether I should move to Aberdeen with the cost of travel and move working out about the same. Upon reflection I decided to stay in Dundee, mostly I couldn’t be bothered to move. However, this was extremely worthwhile, with my friend base in Dundee it meant I had support and activities to do during the weekend after a long week of commuting. It has even referred to me that I want my future to job to include travelling. The time spent commuting allowed me to relax and catch up on missed shows, news and books.

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Hi, I'm a Fourth Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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