Weeks One and Two Round Up

Weeks one and two seemed to be over in a flash! I can’t believe week three of classes is already fast approaching. I thought I’d do a quick realistic review of my first two weeks.

Firstly, on the weekend of freshers fair i.e. right before classes started, I finally got a part time job here in Dundee! This meant though that I had my induction shift 10am-6pm on the Saturday, and a 6pm-10pm shift on the Sunday. I’ve just got paid for it which is so exciting but working that late the day before having a 10am lecture wasn’t the best idea! Anyway, I had on my mind that I was ‘one of the newbies’ at my job as well as having to prepare for classes and of course attend them, which was very different for me.

Some of you might be shocked to find out that I only have six contact hours this semester, meaning I am only in classes for six hours a week. Because of this though, I have to do a lot of reading and preparation outside of class. So after a couple of classes, I already felt behind because I’d had barely any time to read and prepare the weekend before! However, I did manage to pull it back and catch up relatively quickly.

The first couple of weeks are always a bit hectic with freshers events and because I’m very involved in the women’s football team at uni and the history society, I had a couple of different events to attend! Various football give it a go training sessions meant that I really had to keep on top of my reading so that I could show my face at each training session. As well as this, the history society’s first event was a pub crawl – the night before I had a 6am-10am shift. Another bad idea! In all seriousness though, you can still have a social life when it comes to things like this, you just need to know when to stop. I had to go home at 10:30pm or else I just wouldn’t get enough sleep for my shift the next day. I still had such a fun night, and the early shift actually wasn’t that bad!

The day of that shift, however, was when my freshers flu really kicked in. 3 days of having no voice ensued which wasn’t fun at all! It meant I couldn’t help at the open day last weekend which I was absolutely gutted about. However, it did let me rest and I’m finally back to full health now.

Week two was even more hectic. I managed to keep on top of all the reading and preparation for my classes, but only just! A major setback was on Wednesday when the football game that we thought was cancelled actually went ahead and we had an hour to get a team together! It was an absolute miracle that we managed to not only get enough players but also win the game 2-0. This meant though that my free day to catch up on uni work had been taken over by football! So this weekend I have been working hard to catch up again which, luckily for me, has worked.

I’m hoping week three starts to calm down but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another hectic week! I love keeping myself busy at uni though and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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