How to make the most out of uni

These years you are spending studying at university as a student are unique to any other aspect you have encountered in your life so far and will be nothing like what you will ever experience. You have such unlimited freedom at the same time as being restricted by deadlines and lectures. But your university years can be some of the best years in your life. I’m here hearing with you my 5 advice on how to make the most out of these amazing years!

  1. Embrace learning. Let’s face it, its the reason we’re all here. University is your chance to explore the subjects you find truly inspiring in a dynamic way. This is your chance to test different modules, to learn from experts in different fields and explore your passions, tailored to your career paths.
  2. Leave your comfort zone. There will probably never be another time in your life when you will have that many opportunities to leave your comfort zone. All the societies and sports you can choose from and for such little money. If there are things you’ve been thinking about trying or going to, now’s your chance to do it, even if it does seem a little scary.
  3. Go abroad. Now this is coming from someone leaving her home country for doing a full undergraduate degree in another country. Whether you go for just one semester or longer, I can promise you it will be life-changing and something that will forever change your view on life.
  4. Ask for help. This goes for everything from asking a librarian to find the book you’re looking for, to asking a professor about your essay to asking for someone to listen to when you’re feeling burned out. DUSA has a surfeit of resources on campus, use it if you can.
  5. Keep your mind open. At university you will get exposed to new people, new ideas and new world views possible very far from your own perceptions. That is amazing and yet daring at the same time, but use it as an opportunity to widen your horizons and you might discover new passions and interests.
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