Tentsmuir Getaway

The northeast tip of Fife has an area of a pretty pine forest and sand dunes. Whether it is that you want to get away from the city hum, or you explored Dundee already, and you crave for a new place to discover, Tentsmuir is always a good option. 

It is easily accessible by bus 42, (which leaves the Seagate Bus Station), so even if you have classes till late afternoon, it is still worthy to head there to spend an evening. That’s what my friend and I did some days ago.

Starting at the south bank of the Firth of Tay, we entered the forest at dusk.

The environment is welcoming, peaceful. And due to the many roads that cross the forest, navigating through is a piece of cake.

The sun descended behind the horizon soon, so we opted to return at the banks and make out the most out the already declining light.

The sky cleared, we roamed around the edge of the forest and waited for the stars to appear. It proved to be a good call, the show was literally stellar.

The possibility of making quick, spontaneous trips from Dundee is something I enjoy here. Leaving the city is a matter of minutes. When I lived in London, it took me at least an hour to get to the city limits.

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