Break the Ice with some Coffee

I arrived in Dundee on 20th of September, 2019 to study my post-graduate studies. Prior to this, I had been informed that the people in Dundee are very friendly. Well, I can attest and say that indeed I had a very warm reception as an international student from Kenya.

It was rather easy to make some new friends since everyone was so welcoming . On my first day as I went to do some shopping, I had no idea where I was going so I asked a gentleman for some directions. To my surprise, everyone whom I had asked for assistance went out of their way to ensure I got what I wanted, or can I just say I was lucky! haha.

I met a group of friends and we all agreed to share new ideas from each individual background, with a cup of tea or coffee from our home land.


We prepared different types of coffee and tea and invited our fellow students to share with us. This included, Kenyan tea, Coffee from Uganda, Arab Coffee, Indian Tea, Thai tea, English Tea and many more. There were some bitings which included some cookies, biscuits, chocolates, dates e.t.c.

Let me just say it was sugar, spice and everything nice.


A social gathering that had different people from different parts of the world was a good way to meet more friends and share new ideas across the globe. Especially with the cold weather, well, for those of us who come from relatively warm areas, it was a nice way to chill out with a cup of tea and coffee and meet new people,” Breaking the Ice”.

I know that moving to a new area for a certain period of time may be lonely and difficult to figure out some things in the first few weeks. Worry not! Dundee has very friendly people and the school will give you all the support you need. ” Ask and you will receive”.

I do hope that your week was as good as mine and cheers to better days.

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