First Month of First Year!

Well Everyone, whether we have just begun first year or are beginning another year of university, we have made it through Month One!

I have learned so much in four weeks! First being, getting lost is entirely normal. I have to admit that trying to read the room directions was not the easiest beginning to my university adventure, but I got there in the end.

Over four weeks I’ve learned my four main ‘survival’ tips to surviving this adventure…

1- Always do your pre- lecture/tutorial reading. (Lecturers love for you to know not just what they are talking about, but know that they can both discuss and debate with their students)

2- Get lunch before classes! (Tesco’s can turn into a game of Maze almost every hangry student is wanting food!

3- In tutorials, ask questions and don’t be afraid to speak! You got into university with your knowledge, so show it!

and Lastly,

4- Spend your free time with family and/or good friends! You have no idea how much this can support you and your mental health!

So guys!… Congratulations on making it!


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Hey All!

This is my first year at University and I am so excited to either begin my journey with everyone or be joining in the journey will everyone!

I thought that university blogging would be a great way to share my experiences, life and also any tips, hints and survival hacks with you guys! And I hope you guys will share along with me!

Best of luck with your Journeys!

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