MTB in Scotland

A few words about cycling around here. Scotland is a good place to practice outdoor adventures. Sunbathing on a beach, maybe not. But activities such as hiking, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, and mentioned cycling, these have well good conditions here. The last-named is my favorite, mainly in its off-road category.

Thanks to the genius Land Reform Act 2003, everyone has the right to access land and inland water throughout the country, as long as they respect it. This then opens endless opportunities to get off the beaten track and venture into the wilderness. It is a perfect solution to stay in shape, and perhaps more importantly, clean your head while at it – like I did earlier this month on the top of the Cairngorm peak in the eponymous national park:

If this looks fun to you but you never tried it before, or if you prefer to share the fun with like-minded people, you are in the right place – one of sports clubs at the university is dedicated to cycling. It is open to all skill levels, and they can even borrow you a bike, if you don’t have your own.

The cycling club in action.

The members of the club will be happy to show you around, as well as to debate (not just) sprockets over a pint later. Sounds good? The following link will give you more info about the club, as well as their contact details so you can join:

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