Staying Cosy in the Winter Months

Saying “goodbye” to summer is never easy, especially if you are like me and love the heat! Now that autumn is upon us and it is getting chillier, it is important to not only stay warm, but embrace the new seasons approaching with a positive outlook.

Darker nights, frosty mornings, and cold rooms can all sound depressing but do not fear! There is a way to stay happy in the midst of this.

  1. Cosy socks and slippers – do not underestimate the power of warm clothes. The first thing I want when I wake up or go to bed is to feel the softness of cosy socks. May sound sad but I assure you it is a huge comfort to cold feet! They are not hard to find in shops and cheap to buy. Buy 100 pairs if you like! I am sure you will use them. You can also wear them into boots and keep your feet toasty all day long.
  2. Cuppa in the morning – whether you are a coffee lover, or teas or hot chocolates this is definitely something to look forward to when I get out of bed in the mornings. Treat yourself sometimes by buying one on the way into class or take a reusable cup filled from your very own kitchen to keep you going through the day!
  3. SCARVES and HATS– Nothing better than hiding behind a scarf in wild winds. It will keep your nose warm and you’ll have an excuse to disguise yourself. Everyone loves pom pom hats so buy one to keep your ears warm.
  4. Delayer when inside – One thing I hate in winter is going from cold to hot instantly when entering University buildings and the library. Maybe you don’t boil up like I do, but I would suggest shedding the outdoor clothes while you are inside so you feel the benefit once you leave again.
  5. Lunch!! – It is proven that when you are hungry or fatigued that you will feel the cold more. You shouldn’t be skipping meals anyway but make sure that during busy schedule that you don’t forget lunch. Warm soups and sandwiches will make sure to warm your stomach and keep you motivated throughout the day!
  6. Exercise – During the long last months of the semester, a lot of people get caught up in coursework and exam revision. Make sure you stay healthy. Take a break and hit the gym. It will boost your mood and productivity to have breaks. Endorphins are great to improve your mental health when dark nights creep in. As much as you may want to just huddle up in your room and nap, having exercise at night might be a great way to avoid feeling low. (Make sure to wrap up well after exercise!!!)
  7. ONESIES! – who doesn’t love a onesie! Some may find it silly, but the only ones laughing are the people who are warm to those who are cold. I can admit, I have a parrot onesie and I am not ashamed to say I stroll around my flat proud to own it!
  8. Warm your house – I don’t just mean the heating. Obviously, bills may rise at this time; but there are other ways to make your flat feel warmer. For example:
    1. Candles (if permitted), they will give you a sense of warmth by their glow and save money by not using lighting.
    2. Fairy lights – they make the room feel a bit more joyful.
    3. Rugs – something that is underrated. They keep your feet away from cold flooring.
    4. Blankets – duh
    5. Hot water bottles – mmmm
  9. Keeping busy – you might be saying, “well that’s not hard with all the uni work I have”, but I mean socially. Don’t let your social life fizzle and die. It is still ok to meet friends during breaks and evenings. Your studies matter, but what matters more is that you stay connected and stay happy! Go see a movie; stay in with friends and have a glass of wine (or two…); go for a walk! Whatever you like to do, do not let the winter months keep you from it!
Walks in Magdalen Park

These are just some of the ways to survive through winter. When you list them down, it no longer sounds horrifying, does it? I hope not! Remember, it can be a magical time of year. And if that all fails (hopefully it doesn’t), there is always CHRISTMAS COMING!

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Hi! I am a new student blogger this year. I am in my 4th of University studying Civil Engineering. I hope to talk about life in Univeristy and outwith your studies to make the most of your time here!

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