From first year I have been taking opportunities to travel around the UK for varies networking events. Normally these are expense paid and offer great insights into different companies and getting to travel around the UK. A lot of these events are London based, which means having traveled from Scotland you stand out from the crowd and impress employers for making the effort! I highly recommend signing up for Target jobs who organize a lot of these events!

My latest event was called Analytics Academy, which was run and hosted by Facebook in London. This was a great event where I got a look run Facebook and got to hear about roles at Facebook. A special shout out to the catering which was phenomenal, even offering a Burrito Bar. Apart from the food, I also got to make a few connections across that industry and gain an understanding of Data Analytics.

Why is networking important?

Now that I am in my final year I am applying to jobs across a couple of sectors, having met graduates who are a couple of years ahead of me I can message them on Facebook or LinkedIn to ask how they are finding the company and ask for some tips for the recruitment process. This advice can be invaluable. I was even referred for an internship through a connection I made with a civil engineer in my first year.

I have three top tips for networking.

Make sure you have an active LinkedIn profile and connect with people from the event. This will allow you to broaden your connections and keep in touch with people professionally. Having a nice profile picture and a well thought out bio is invaluable. Ask the careers service if you are unsure.

Be friendly
The event is for you to learn about the company and meet people, so take advantage of this. There will often ice breakers or competitions make sure you take part and put your full effort in, but don’t get too competitive. No company will hire you from winning an ice breaker!

Don’t be nervous 
Don’t be nervous about applying or going. These events are for everyone, so don’t let that put you off applying, ask questions when you are there and make friends! They are supposed to be fun.

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Hi, I'm a Masters Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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