A view from Dundee Law



Hey there!

I hope your week has been a good one.

Do you know how they say, “bad roads lead to beautiful destinations?” Well, I will give you a different view. Walking in Dundee has been so reliable. This is because you can literally walk to almost everywhere, even up to the highest area in Dundee. This is Dundee Law.

If you are looking for a relaxing walk, a jogging route or just to think about new ideas, then Dundee Law would be a wonderful place for you to visit. It has a beautiful view of the city of Dundee and you can see almost everywhere around.

The Walk                                                         

So my friends and I decided to walk to the Law and I have to say, I had to look up gyms the next day. It was such a refreshing walk and I felt like I was fit for a whole week. The road was well defined and there is a park, scatting area, playing ground and a nice castle along the way. Roughly it took about an hour and 30 minutes to walk. Lets just say I just had to take a breather…

What to carry

“The higher you go the cooler it becomes.” 

  • You can carry a warm jacket because it is quite cold and windy but If you are walking, you will definitely generate heat and you will feel warmer.
  • Some snacks would be good since you will want to have a bite while seeing the beautiful view.You can also have a lovely picnic day especially when the sun is out.
  • Water-Ensure you hydrate yourself.
  • Camera-The beauty is just insane.
  • Yourself- because it is free:-)

I do hope you all get a chance to visit the law when in Dundee. Also, incase you are not interested in walking, you can always take a cab up to the top!. You see, not all bad roads lead to beautiful destinations. You can always share your experience and more tips on your trip to the law.