Being a Class Rep

This year, I was elected to become one of the two Level 3 History class reps. I think becoming a class rep is a fantastic idea if you’re interested in changing things on your course or at least having a positive impact on the student body and getting involved in the way things run on your course. I thought it could be interesting to share what class reps do for anyone who might be interested in becoming one in next year’s election.

Firstly, I’ll explain what a class rep is. Class reps are responsible for representing the student body of their course and year group and voicing their opinions on anything and everything to do with the course. DUSA have a really useful description of the role on their website!

As a class rep, you have to make yourself available to be contacted relatively often. This doesn’t mean you have to do anything special such as set up a surgery for people to come and speak to you, but by all means you can. It means having your email address available to everyone on your course so anyone can contact you about feedback on the course, but also you have to be ready to reply to these emails and ensure that you keep up the contact so the students know that their issues have been resolved.

Another idea related to this is that you can set up feedback forms and have them sent around everyone on your course for them to fill in any positive or negative feedback for you to take to SSLC meetings which will be explained below!

You have to attend monthly SSLC meetings in which all the class reps from your school meet with all the head of department staff members and various other important figures from places like the library and the careers service to discuss anything and everything that has been brought up by students, staff and everyone alike. It is a very efficient way to get all issues heard and resolved, and can be very interesting getting an insight into the workings of your school.

If you are interested in becoming a class rep, do look out for emails in the upcoming year about going for a role in the election! Often you won’t have to go through a rigorous campaign or anything like that, as sometimes only two people go for the role when there are only two people needed, for example. But it’s always worth a go as it of course looks great on your CV!

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