A week in the life of a law student

Sometimes I study harder, occasionally I remember to bring a packed lunch to save money, and I’ve been known to go to the gym more. But what follows is an honest account of a typical week in the life of a law student.





8.30: Get off the bus outside uni and buy the world’s biggest veggie haggis roll with chipotle sauce from Super Snack. My body needs fuel for a gruelling library sesh. Get settled at my desk in a quiet area of the library and get to work on a tax essay due tomorrow.

12.00: Treat myself to a break (ha) and go to my human rights lecture.

13.00: Lunch in the union with a friend, talking rubbish and pretending we don’t still have to finish our tax essays before tomorrow. Try not to cry.

14.00: Back at it again in the library.

16.30: Take another break (they are good for your health) to walk down to the library café and buy chocolate. Graft for a couple of hours and then call it a night when my eyes start going square.

20.30: Bus home.






9.00: Back in the library.

11.58: Finish essay and submit to turnitin (just on time) after three hours of pumping adrenalin and sweat. (All law assignments have a noon deadline)

12.02: Run to Dalhousie building for another human rights lecture.

13.00: Melt into a booth in Liar Bar in the union and enjoy a well deserved lunch.

13.45: Walk to Blend coffee shop in town to study in different surroundings. Struggle to fit 3 people’s laptops and multiple tea pots and mugs on one small table and spend the whole time chatting anyway.


‘Studying’ in Blend


16.00: Back to campus for a property lecture.

17.00: Drinks in 172 at the Caird to decompress and destress.




9.00: Have a lie in!

11.00: Company law lecture involving lots of case law in the Tower building.

12.00: Lunch at Underdog (vegan fast food). Katsu curry loaded fries – need I say more?

13.00: I should really study but just have to get something in town first.

13.30: Oh look! A sale in H&M!

15.00: Bus home to prep for my property tutorial in comfort.





10.30: Meet a friend for quick catch up about our tutorial.

11.00: Work through an exam style problem question in our property tutorial.

12.00: Grab a coffee at the union.

12.15: Attempt to study but end up chatting and showing each other memes in the Scrymgeour lounge.

13.00: Lunch break.

14.00: Ok this time I have to actually study. Annex myself from the group and work alone.

15.00: Human rights lecture about torture in Darcy Thomson (by far the comfiest lecture theatre on campus).

16.00: Another property lecture in the same room. Don’t have to move: result.

17.00: Head over to ISE (campus gym) for a restorative yoga class.


Scrymgeour Lounge




11.00: Double company law lecture.

12.00: Attempt to run to shop to buy lunch AND get a coffee from the union in 10 minute break.

12.12: Bit late. Another hour of company law.

13.00: Use kitchen area in Scrymgeour to heat up my lunch. Loudly slurp udon noodles during two hour tax seminar.

15.00: Can’t face the library so decide to go home. Another week over!




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