Thinking About Studying Abroad?

I am currently on track to be studying abroad next semester in Perth, Western Australia and I wanted to give a small overview about how I have found the application process for anyone thinking of applying too! This may not be generalisable to other host institutions but I’ll try my best.

I applied to study abroad a little over a year ago after the study abroad fair, don’t worry if you didn’t make it there though as all the information is online. The first step is to find out which host institutions offer your course, you can do that here: this wasn’t too much of a hassle for me to choose my top 3 institutions as I knew I wanted to go to Australia and my course is quite niche and so only 3 Australian institutions offered it. Take time to put a lot of research into where you are going, as you will be spending a prolonged period of time there as well as a lot of money to be there (flights/visas/health insurance/etc). Make sure you can imagine yourself there and it is somewhere you will find enjoyable!

The next step is to fill out the application for found here:, this form is the current one and so is slightly different (but much easier) to complete than the one I completed!

After that it was a bit of a waiting game, I often emailed the go abroad team just to ensure everything was up to date and positive with my application.

Around February time I had an interview to see if Dundee would nominate me to my partner institution. I have heard varied things about this interview process from people in different schools, but mine was quite intense. These are the tips I have:

  • Know what modules you want to apply for when you are away, and know why! Ensure there is adequate overlap between these modules and the modules you will be missing whilst abroad. Your academic coordinator can help you with this prior to the interview if you drop them an email!
  • Know your current grades and ensure they are of a good standard. During my interview my coordinator told me that most people drop about a grade during study abroad and so she wanted to see no less than a B grade in any of my modules.
  • Be prepared for questions about financing, culture shock and why you are the best candidate for study abroad.

Once my interview was complete, the coordinator informed that she would put me forward to my chosen host institution and that everything looked good in the application and during the interview.

Again, it was then a waiting game. Towards the end of August, I received an email saying they were ready to nominate me to my host institution and then at the end of August, Murdoch Uni got in contact with me so I could fill out their application forms. This process was quite difficult, but the Murdoch exchange coordinator sent lots of helpful documents, so don’t worry about not being able to fill it out as there is always help at hand.

At this point I have gotten an offer from Murdoch Uni which I have accepted as well as paid my healthcare fees. I am in the process of applying for a visa and then, fingers crossed, I will be jetting off in January.

I aim to update this more with my experience of study abroad in the coming months & I hope this was helpful!

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Hi! I'm Georgia and I'm a second year maths and psychology student, but university is about so much more than that for me. I am hoping to share some of my experiences on this platform about societies, sports clubs, social life, study abroad, and so much more, in the hope that it might give you some inspiration about what you can spend your time at university doing. Enjoy!

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