Global Excellence Scholarship 2019-2020 Event.


First I would like to apologise for not posting this earlier. My semester has been quite busy but here I am now.

Last week we had an amazing event by the University of Dundee. The event was on Wednesday, 13th November 2019 from 18:45 to 21:30 at the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa, Dundee DD1 3JP.

On my arrival, there was a huge meet and greet of about 250 people and I told myself, ‘ Jocyline, you are at the right place!’ Let me just tell you how glammed everyone was, because if you missed the event, you missed out on so much fun, good vibes, food, dessert, refreshments and tea ( because we all know its the weather for tea all day)                                  


      My colleagues from CEPLMP            My friends at UoD:-)

The event acknowledged all attendants for their hard work and dedication towards achieving the scholarship award. I will share how I received my award and hopefully one day, you will share how your experience was.

This year around the month of March, I received an email from the University of Dundee that one of the Professors was in Nairobi and therefore we had an opportunity to meet the Professor as offer holders. I remember the first time i saw such a message I totally forgot about the meeting since I was at work. This time I actually kept a reminder and showed up for the meeting. I got an email later on on my Dad’s birthday confirming my scholarship award and I was so excited. I must say it was a good birthday gift to him:-)

I don’t know whether other universities take a keen interest in knowing how far the application process and the preparations for starting the semester for students has been. The University of Dundee has this keen interest in assisting you with your accommodation, travels, educational information and lots more from the marketing team with whom I was thrilled to meet at the event and the International student advisors who keep int ouch with international students.


If you are an international student and you are seeking for such scholarships, after your application to the University, you will get an offer and there will be meetings in your home country from the University. Please do not miss this meetings. Thank me later 🙂    

All represented countries were acknowledged with a lovely video and at the end of the event, we were given Scholarship Award Certificates.

I would just like to say thank you for the opportunity and incase you are still thinking about your options on whether to join the University of Dundee, just say yes already. Hahaha!

Have a lovely week ahead.


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