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A few words about the uni’s Global Room, and why it’s one of the coolest places on campus.

In short, the Global Room is a large social space for students and staff of all backgrounds to relax and learn about opportunities available to them.

This, however, sounds like a generic description that could be applied to every other office in any university. So in this post, I will focus on why the Global Room is a little different than your average support hub:

1) Free Fairtrade tea or coffee.

That’s right; students can stop by anytime during their opening hours and get a cup of hot beverage. Pretty handy during recent cold days, but also a chance to sit down and socialize, or just take a break. Speaking of which, they have some of the best couches on campus, and…

2) Loads of board games available for students to borrow.

Taking a break from studying is important, and playing a game is a fun way to do so.

This informal setting creates a nice and friendly atmosphere, which is also reflected in their…

3) Events.

Anything from live Scottish folk music to a social with dogs followed by a walk to a local park and back.

The dog event, “Paws for Thought,” was organized by Switch – which offers drop-in sessions to help students to find extra involvements while being at the uni.

Speaking of drop-ins, most of them are related to…

4) Go Abroad opportunities.

The Global Room has plentiful of resources to find out about university programmes abroad. If you are thinking about expanding your uni experience beyond Scotland, this is the place to come and scope details about exchange placements. They also host conversation cafes, where you can learn a new language, or make friends from all over the world.

Last but not least, there’s often..

5) Free food.

You know the drill, everyone likes food, and the student budget’s tight. Naturally, this is a win.

If you want to experience some of the Global Room hospitality, come to celebrate St. Andrews Day and the Global Room’s second birthday on next week:

There will be haggis, wine, Scottish music, and as always, it will be free for students and staff. If you haven’t been in the Global Room before, this would be a great way to find out what it is all about.

See you there!

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