Camperdown Park: A 20 minute Get Away Before Your Exam Dread Hits

Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰

Do you have some dreadful deadlines dropping in? Is the mere thought of sitting yet another awful paper just making you shudder? Is an existential crisis coming along?

Well, look no further!

Just a 35-minute bus ride from Overgate shopping centre would get you to the lovely Camperdown Country Park. Not only do you get to snap up some essentially seasonal scenes such as this:

(just calms you right down, doesn’t it?)

and this:

instagram worthy? obvi.


You get to see some really awesome animals! Big cats, weird goats that bleat every five minutes and did I mention the funkiest ferrets?

Connecting with nature’s a terrific way to cool down. How can you not smile when you see a monkey throw itself on to a pile of fruit? (I suggest going early. Feeding time is around 9-10am)

All the best,



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I'm a second-year English-History student studying here, all the way from Hong Kong! There's nothing I like better than reading some feminist poetry or drawing my own comics in the Tower Building Cafe.

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