ICE Scholarship advice for Future Civil Engineering Students

If you are planning on attending a fully accredited Civil Engineering course at university, you could become an ICE scholar. This blog is here to provide information as to why this will be good for you and what it entails.

It will be very beneficial for you.

There are different scholarships out there. When I applied, I caught it just in time with about 1 week til closing. I asked my physics teacher to be my reference and she was thrilled. I wasn’t confident back then. I never thought I would receive the scholarship but I did! Since then I have grown a lot and become more and more confident every year. With help from the finance of my scholarship, I was able to participate in a China Summer school for 8 weeks in Shanghai. It also helped me while I studied a semester of my degree in Canada. I give back by volunteering with STEM ambassadors – promoting engineering to students, and volunteering at study abroad fairs. I also run on social committees to improve my skills and attend networking events to become more connected in the field of Engineering.

At the time I was hoping for some extra money to help me through university, to pay for educational trips that may come along that I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to go on. It also was a way for me to become more interested in civil engineering projects, by getting extra help through their website. I knew how grateful I would be and how much I would want to give back to the community, which led me to become a STEM ambassador. So much more come from the scholarship than just financial help. It motivates you to get involved, to put things on your CV; to become worthy of the scholarship they gave you.

What is involved?

Usually, good grades in high school are desired. They want you to show them you are serious about doing good work and that this will continue when you move away to university. I meet up with my scholarship supervisors every year where I give them an annual report on my grades, what I have achieved additional to that, and other things. Make sure you work hard in high school to show that you are capable of handling hard work. They are still interested in knowing if I am still enjoying my course and curious to see if gender imbalances are changing.

The application will involve showing why you chose Civil Engineering. Be passionate and give a unique response. Try to draw out some knowledge you may have of Civil Engineering projects or theories to show you have already shown interest in learning the subject. With large projects show what is changing, what is improving and what issues the world is still facing that you would like to solve. Think big and be bold.

Next, you will have to show you have relevant qualities and skills that make you a good candidate. Look at leadership’s skills, your ability towards team-working, moments showing your initiative in difficult situations. These are the main qualities they will look for, but you can include your ability to work under pressure or time constraints.

There will be an interview if your application is successful. For some of you it might be your first interview, so make sure to practice with family, friends, or career advisors.

As a QUEST undergraduate scholar you could receive:

  • £8,000 over the course of your study
  • Paid work placements every summer
  • Potential for a full-time job with a leading civil engineering or construction company on graduation
  • Experience, knowledge and the badge of an ICE QUEST scholar, good for your CV and your career – especially if you want to become an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer

There is always valuable information on the ICE website if you need further information. Also, ICE isn’t the only one who provides STEM scholarships so get out there and apply to several. It will really improve your student life and progress your professional abilities and give great opportunities.

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Hi! I am a new student blogger this year. I am in my 4th of University studying Civil Engineering. I hope to talk about life in Univeristy and outwith your studies to make the most of your time here!

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