Dundee University Bursaries for Rest of UK applicants

Aged 18, having to pick a university was a challenge. Having grown up in rurally near a small town in Northern Ireland; I knew I wanted to move to the mainland. The opportunities and universities were better, and I got to escape the horrifically backdated social equality and high-pitched nasally accent!

However, it was a real challenge to choose, all the prospectuses and websites were glossy and impressive. The grades required were basically the same. A nightmare! I did my research; went to university talks and information nights. Yet, I was still struggling to pick.

I was also really worried about the cost of university and how I was going to afford such an investment. A lot of the talks were bye in large the same and thus I would zone in and out. Luckily however I zoned back in at a talk given by Dundee in order to hear about the bursaries they had for Northern Irish students.

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Note – https://www.dundee.ac.uk/student-services/student-funding/scholarshipsbursaries/

I was eligible for 7000 pounds in bursaries, I could not believe it. I looked at other universities to see what they offered and couldn’t find anything that compared this. It confused me, it was 6th in the Uk for engineering, had an amazing campus (I had visited before I made a final decision) and I was being given ‘free money’. The choice was obvious.

This money really changed my university experience. I didn’t, however, squander across semester 1 on take away like my contemporaries, I saved it and was able to afford to go on an 8-week summer school held in Shanghai, find my blog on this –


I was also able to afford to go for an insight week held by MACE in London and gain some industry experience within my first year. Something which has helped me to gain a summer placement with Mott Macdonald and employment with the University of Dundee.

Finally, I have been able to afford to easily manage my budget while studying at university, which I know is an incredibly stressful task for other students. Due to this monetary relief, I can take part in more societies and events, than I would be able to without it.

Developing more as an individual than I would otherwise; not having to devote hours and hours to work to make ends meet.

With Dundee being an affordable city to study in and the bursary I relieve, I am confident in the knowledge Dundee was the right choice for me.

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Hi, I'm a Fourth Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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