How to Shop Online Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks to Getting the Best Deal When Online Shopping

With one hand on a computer and another on a credit card, the internet has set up shop, right in the comforts of your own university dorm room. If you can’t save yourself from purchasing a holographic jumpsuit that you’re only going to wear once, you can rest assured. You’ll know you’ll be shopping online and getting the best bargain with these tips and tricks


Every YouTuber has this ad plugged in their videos–but for a good reason! Instead of scouring all over the internet, this chrome extension tries out all promo codes to give you the best price.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is an online cash-back chrome extension. Just like honey, it gives you coupon codes, to make your purchase just a little more worth it.

(I recommend adding both Honey and Rakuten. Also, when you sign up, it asks if anyone referred you. Tell them it’s referred you 😉 )


This is a no-brainer. You can find some sweet deals with this app—It’s tailor-made especially for students!—Sign up with your university email, and you’re good to go.

World of Books

Need a book for that pesky reading list? Don’t want to go on to the overpriced market of Amazon or Waterstone’s? Go on to the “World of Books” website and take your pick. You’ll be saving a book from the landfill, and the environment, while you’re at it.

(Did I also mention they have free delivery for the UK?)

Keep your things on a wish-list:

No, not the one for Santa. On Amazon, put the items (the ones you’ve been saving your paycheck for) on your wish-list. When there are discounts or deals, make your move.

Or alternatively, Keep-In-Cart:

Feign cold feet and leave the item in the cart. Most sellers would strike a deal, thinking you’ll need that extra push to the online checkout.

Show that you’re a loyal customer:

You might end up with a deck of loyalty cards sent to you, but signing up for a shop’s loyalty program would save you a few bucks. Besides, you could always get it on an app.

Extra, extra.

If you don’t mind a bunch of mail sent to your inbox, sign up for a shop’s online newsletter. They would inform you of offers and deals– you’ll be the first to know!

Finally, avoid deals that are too good to be true:

Sometimes, when the price is a little too low, it’s best to put your wallet back. Save your money and expectations.

With the help of some helpful tools, some tips and tricks, you know you’ve got the best deal. Just as long as you stay safe and keep an eye out, you can shop away!

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