Best things to get involved with at Dundee to further your career

A round-up of my favorite parts of University life

When I was wondering what to write my next blog on, I came up with the idea of writing a roundup of my favorite parts of university life, that have helped my career. Within the university, there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved with stuff outside of your degree…often seen as the best part of university life. Something, I remember very clearly when choosing a university ‘adults’ at the time were telling me ‘I wish I’d got more involved’ or ‘tried more sports and societies. This seemingly copious amounts of regret drove me to try as much as I could have. With this said, not everything I tried was my cup of tea, but here is a roundup of my favorite bits.

Student Ambassadors

The student ambassador program is a casual job for the university, where you help to show visitors around the campus and help with open days. A very casual job that is well paid. Seemingly impossible for a student. This job has really helped me to learn more about university life, meet people and lead to other university opportunities. I have now been promoted to a Senior Ambassador, where I have got extra training and more leadership opportunities.

As I was a student ambassador, I was known by the University, I was even able to obtain a full-time summer job which was an amazing experience and a lot of fun.

Anyone coming to Dundee, I recommend you try and get involved with this program.

Centre for Entrepreneurship

This section with being split in half, my experience as a student and working for them.

Enterprise Challenge

In the first semester of my second year, I applied for an eight-week program to design and create a small business with the chance to win £1500 pounds. Each week I learned a key step to set up a business. I got given free pizza and made some friends from across the university. With the final stage being to pitch our business idea to a panel of expert judges. While I didn’t win, I really enjoyed the process and made some lifelong friends from it.

Public Relations Officer

Staff Cartoon Profile

After taking part in the enterprise challenge, I saw a job advert on the @UoDenterprise social media. It intrigued me and so I applied. To my shock, I was successful, definitely due to my student ambassador experience. Now, I work 13 hours a week, where I am in charge of the Centre’s marketing efforts with the student body. I go to events in Dundee and get access to lots of interesting events, such as a Q&A session with Peter Jones from the Dragons Den and Mike Soutar from the Apprentice!

IstructE competitions

Image of 2019 Competition held in Abertay

Since, the first year, I have represented Dundee university at the Structural Engineering Institute annual engineering competition, held across Scotland. With winning teams winning cash prices and everyone getting the opportunity to test engineering principles and network with lectures, professionals, and students from across Scotland, it’s a great chance to expand your engineering ability, a great example in a technical interview question, while representing a University

University of Dundee Careers Service

While this isn’t a club or program, it has helped me immensely during my studies at Dundee. It has helped me to draft CVs and cover letters, which got me a summer internship with Mott Macdonald, work experience with MACE and the Saltire Scotland Scholars program. They offer drop-in sessions and workshops to help build on your employability skills. I would not have received all the opportunities I have, without their help.

Shanghai Summer School

I have written a blog about this before, but one of my stand-out university experiences was the opportunity to visit Shanghai, China in the summer of my first year with 30 other students. A part-funded program, that only required me to pay for flights and a visa. However, accommodation, food, and travel were covered. I got the unbelievable opportunity to visit the Yangtze Estuary, Volvo and the Huawei Factory.

If you are coming to Dundee or already studying here, I highly recommend you applied for this life-changing opportunity.

Engineering Specific Career Events

In this section, I would like to thank Moray Newlands and Saverio Spadea, lecturers in the Civil Engineering department. Moray Newlands organizes companies to come in to present to students about summer and graduate opportunities. These presentations have allowed me to network and write better job applications because I have spoken to the recruiter. I get insight into company life and ethos.

Image of Rhino being used to design a roof structure

Saverio Spadea, organized a programming course at the end of my third year, getting an external speaker to come in and teach us how to use a program called ‘grasshopper’ to design buildings. This was a unique and greatly insightful opportunity to broaden my engineering ability


Hope you have enjoyed reading my round-up of my time at the University of Dundee.

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Hi, I'm a Masters Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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