Are you a writer and an artist? Boy, do I have a module for you…

During the first semester, I took the “Introduction to Comics” (EN 11008) module. Here’s what I had to say about it.

I’ll be frank- before taking English as my main subject, I was contemplating whether I should take comics as my main subject. If it wasn’t obvious, I was obsessed with comics, ever since I got a scholarship for SCAD’s summer comic course.

One of the main reasons why I chose Dundee as my university was because it had the most flexible liberal arts course. My parents couldn’t send me off to the US to some liberal arts university. Besides, I wanted to pursue some form of writing without compromising my artistic side.

That’s when this comics module course came in. It meant I could still write essays, complain, or smother praise over books I read, and at the same time, I could pen and draw out comics about my lesbian witches. (which you can finish reading by clicking here)

So here’s what you really do at this course:

• Three 300-400 word blog-style essay, covering the comics you study.
• One 300-400 reflection on the comic you’ve made.
• A 4-6 page comic, which could be on literally anything, a teenage romance, space ninjas or a biographical epic. The course professor, the wonderful Mr Damon Herd, was very supportive,

Over the last year, I got to analyse comic books, from the classic Fantastic Four series to an underrated gem called Woman World. Although they’re “essays”, you are supposed to write it as a blog post in mind. This means there’s some flexibility with writing if you detest the stiff formalities of an “academic essay”.

Sound easy enough? Do you think you could you give it a go?

All the best,


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I'm a second-year English-History student studying here, all the way from Hong Kong! There's nothing I like better than reading some feminist poetry or drawing my own comics in the Tower Building Cafe.

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