How to handle stress at uni

It’s that time of the semester again: while trying to balance a social life, a job, exercising and keeping up with uni you somehow suddenly got way behind all uni work and the stress is about to kick in. If you’re one of the lucky ones with tutor’s striking or a reading week coming up it couldn’t come any faster. But I think stress is something all students experience at some point or another and here’s my 6 top tips on how to handle it when you suddenly fee swamped with too many things at once:

  1. Make lists. Stress often happened because it’s all happening inside your head all at once. I always find it helpful to make a list of each day and make a plan for what I want to achieve each day. Like that it gets out of your head and suddenly it will seem so much less overwhelming!
  2. Sleep! As much fun as staying at the union until closing time can be, getting your 8 hours of sleep can really do miracles when it comes to stress. You will have more energy and daylight hours to get your things done if you sleep the recommended hours (most nights at least)
  3. Get offline. Let’s face it, we all spend more hours than we’d like to admit on social media’s, our phones, Netflix, you name it. We start watching ‘just one clip’ on YouTube and suddenly 4 hours has went by! If you turn off your phone or other electronics while working and then it on when you’re done, I promise you suddenly you’ll get everything done a lot faster!
  4. Take a walk. Nothing can ease your mind like a brisk walk and some fresh air.
  5. Regular breaks. Allowing yourself to meet a friend, watch something or read a book (non uni related) can help you switch it from your workload and give you renewed energy for getting that uni work done!
  6. Talk to someone. Just like making lists, speaking to someone about your worries can help draftees. Whether it be your advisor or a friend, don’t let things build up in your head, word how you feel and it will leave you feeling relieved and help you work through those emotions.
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