Hidden Dundee

Everyone’s talking about the city centre and the Law. Yet there are loads of other gems worth checking. This post is about a few of my favorite spots that not many students know about:


There’s much more than the Broughty Castle and McManus. Dundee’s home to plenty of very cool structures.

Old viaduct in Monifieth

Claypotts Castle

Cox’s stack

Across the river, still within walking distance from Dundee are the..:

Lighthouses near Tayport.

The river itself proves as a fantastic place to explore:

Tay’s riverbed.

Just wait for low tide, and get down for fresh views. 

If you prefer more accessible option, pretty views on the riverbed can be seen from the..:

Riverside Nature Park.

It’s a fab place to relax and have a chat with a friend. Same as at..:

Upper Dens.

So there you have it. One doesn’t need to spend money and time to travel far away, there are always some options at your fingertips. Sometimes it takes a bit of exploring, but that itself is a rewarding thing to do. This is a small taster of some of the lesser-known yet exciting places I found here, but hopefully, it is enough to inspire you to go and find your own hidden gems.

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