Facing Changes

At the beginning of the week, any face to face teaching ended. Facilities shortly followed. The last standing, the main library, fell down yesterday. So did the pubs. Suddenly, some people sound like a record from Ministry:

“The party’s over brothers and sisters,
It’s the end of mankind as we know it”

I get that the situation is not ideal. But it is essential to approach it from the end one can change. One of which is time management – I heard students saying that they don’t know what they will do with their time. Well, here are some tips.

1) Coursework. Deadlines are still here. I have so many of them that I don’t know where to start.
2) Go outside. There are loads of interesting places here in the city. Done with Dundee? Newport, Tayport, Wormit are within walking distance and offer fantastic places to enjoy sunsets from.

3) Doing something creative and exercising doesn’t require going out at all. Learn to sing. New language. Origami. Read a book. Or write one. Improve your upper-body strength. Fix things: Since the end of taught classes, I sew a patch to my trousers, repaired sole on my boots, and trued rim of my bike. Since restaurants are out too, learn to cook something beyond pasta. Whatever. Anything will be better than panicking over hoaxes on Facebook.

Take care. J.

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