Surviving the Lockdown

In my previous post, I mentioned that we are facing many changes at the moment. Indeed, things are escalating quickly into anxious times. It can be challenging to navigate through, so here are a few tips on how to survive the lockdown:

  • Maintain rhythm.

Being at home invites to stay in bed all day. Chances are, you won’t be very productive if you do. And them essays won’t finish themselves.
Get up, take a shower, put on normal clothes, and do what needs to be done. However, even if you do tons of writing or other mental work during the day, your head might be tired, but your body won’t be. This can lead to struggles to fall asleep, which is only a step away from binge-watching whatever show you like till 5am. Not good. To avoid this…

  • Use that one personal outdoor exercise.

It will tire you, keep your body in shape, and perhaps most importantly, it will help you to calm down and to clear your mind. This can be crucial, as it is super easy to get annoyed these days. which takes us to:

  • Don’t get angry with people.

Maybe your neighbor throws a party every night, while you respectfully observe the distancing. Maybe someone stuck a leaflet from Farm Foods into your letterbox. No matter the “no ads” sticker, no matter that people are encouraged to reduce all unnecessary movement, no matter that the closest Farm Store is miles away and you couldn’t care less about their offers anyway. Stupid Farm Foods! Maybe you took that leaflet together with your other recyclables and went to toss it out – only to find that the bins were full. Just because people don’t bother to compress them cans and plastic bottles. Like if it would be that difficult! Then, maybe you went to Tesco and realized that because of the people like your neighbor, you have to stand a queue in flippin’ rain now, to enter the supermarket…
Just like that, you are sliding on the spiral of hate, and your mood is ruined before you know. Instead, try to smile at people. Some will return the smile, and that will get you back into a better state.

  • Limit browsing feeds on social media.

They are generally full of people who A) fueling fears, which is as bad as fueling hate, or B) saying that everyone is overreacting. Both of these groups often politicize the virus, and/or bring up some nasty conspiracy theories as a bonus. Nope! I don’t need any of this on my plate, and you probably neither. If you want news on what’s going on, go to some trustworthy unbiased sources.

  • Eat well.

If you don’t enjoy cooking, being without all those cafes and restaurants for weeks is a pain. But it is still worthy of making at least one proper meal per day and having a wide variety of food to keep you running.

  • Phone your friends / family. 

It is good for both sides.

  • Have something to look forward to.

That can be tricky in these uncertain times, but try hard, and you find something. It will give you the motivation, which is so needed.

Following these tips can be difficult. I am guilty of breaking all of them, but that’s how I learned that they work. You can skip my learning curve and nail it from the beginning.

Unhealthy essay writing. Not recommended.

Stay sane, J.

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