Discovering New Music

While I am getting tons unsolicited emails about how “we live in strange times” and how their business is the most responsible out there, let’s focus on something else about our times: We live in the best age for music, period. Here’s to a quest to broaden musical horizons!

It is easier than ever to publish music, and so there is an unrivaled number of people producing some cool stuff. But even if you say that mankind musically peaked in the past, it’s never been easier to access the recordings from that era. You don’t need to scavenge record stores across the country to find that one rare pressing, you just do a few clicks, and hello, there it is.

And so, why not challenge yourself to discover some fantastic tunes to improve your time during the lockdown?

Once on uncharted waters, don’t limit yourself to artists from English-speaking countries. You might be surprised about the quality of stuff to be found elsewhere. Some of my favorites at the moment come from Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. Also, try to taste something that contrasts with your usual listening genre. If you like rock, try out some blues. If you like hip-hop, try some classical tunes. If you like punk, give folk a go. If you had Taylor Swift on repeat for the last month, why not replace it with Shxchxchxsh… and so on.

Yesterday, I made a playlist with song names that thematically fit into our current stage of the pandemic, to have a bit of fun. But then I thought that it fits this topic, so I included it below. Since it spans across different genres, there are some songs which most of you probably never heard of, maybe, it can serve as a start of your journey:

Panic · Forest Swords
All Over the World · Pixies
Coming Home · Ulver
I stand alone · Godsmack
My Lonely Room · DJ Shadow
Numb · Andy Stott
Feelings Of Entropy · Borusiade
At Last · Katatonia
I Go To Sleep · Anika

Now, for an optimistic version follow:

Relax Baby Be Cool · Stereo Total
Keep Your Distance · Amon Tobin
Take A Walk · Bolz Bolz
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country · Boards Of Canada
I See Real · November Növelet
Hôpital · Oberkampf
Silent Service 
· Legowelt
Save Us · Paul McCartney
I’m Not Scared · Ladytron
Everything Will Be Alright · The Killers
I Feel Good · The Chats
All is full of love · Björk

Alternatively, follow a pessimistic vision below:

Infectious Decay · Stian Westerhus
Come Out · Steve Reich
I Am The Virus · Killing Joke
To Be Remembered · Cult of Luna
Take Me to the Hospital · The Prodigy
Where Is Everybody? · Nine Inch Nails
Locked In A Cage · Brick + Mortar
Blackout · Hive
Colony Collapse · Haus Arafna
Fields of desolation · Arch Enemy
We All Die · In Death It Ends

I had a good laugh when coming up with the list. If you enjoyed it, make your own version! Challenge friends to do the same, and have a blast!