The importance of exercise

It is very strange how quickly everything has changed: from going about my day, going to work, uni, gym, walks, to suddenly rushing for home while leaving everything back in what quickly felt like a ghost town. I usually like being able to mentally prepare for the next steps I plan, but in this case, I hadn’t planned suddenly leaving Dundee and cutting my semester short. I hadn’t planned going back to Denmark for so many months and I hadn’t planned to cancel on all my summer plans. It’s weird coming home after os long and then yet not being able to do the things I enjoy doing when I’m actually here. But one of the things I really missis what I want to talk about today: exercising! I really miss the gym (never thought I’d be saying something like that!) Especially as I spend so much time inside with very few people, I can feel my body being so restless.

Exercise is so important you guys, and I think now more than ever. Many of us are struggling with our mental health, being stuck inside for so long and I think one of the best things to do in this case is to get some exercise in. Don’t stay in bed all day even though you feel like there’s nothing to get out of bed for. Whether its a run or a home workout, there are plenty of options still available. Now is just time for us to get creative as we can no longer lean on the weights, machines, and classes of a gym.

Or perhaps you’ve never been someone who works out a lot or even own a pair of running shoes. But if you feel like this lockdown has got you down mentally, I really believe getting some exercise in, getting the pulse up high at least once or twice a day, can go a long way – its all about getting those happy endorphins in (and I honestly can’t keep relying on only chocolate…)

Here are a few examples on how you could exercise in lockdown:

  1. Going for a run or a brisk walk. Thank goodness we still get to leave the four walls of our homes and fresh air can do wonders all on its own for a tired brain.
  2. Livestream home workouts. So, so many fitness sites and influencers have Livestream exercise daily – all you need is your phone or computer and yourself! For me, this is very ideal when I try to work out at home as its sort of like having a personal trainer in your home to push you as far as you can go and really get the sweat going!
  3. HIIT workouts. They’re short, but they’re mean. Trust me, after 15 min of one of these you’ll feel like you’ve done enough exercise for days.
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