I’m sure the word Monday is filled with a lot of negative connotations for most people. The start of the week back at uni, filled with 9am starts, long days and a lot of hard work. Being able to relax on a Friday night seems so far out of sight when you’re walking to your early morning classes on a Monday morning. No wonder people hate Mondays!

One of my biggest revelations this year was to stop thinking of Monday as “ugh the start of a busy boring week” and to start viewing it as “a fresh start to a fresh new week”. This was particularly important to me as by the end of the week I had often ‘fallen off the wagon’ again, in terms of studying and productivity. It was often easy when I got to Thursday evening to be unbothered about the work I had to do with the weekend in view on the horizon, and I would usually neglect my work until I got to Sunday evening and I’d be left wondering how this had happened. Nonetheless, with this newfound outlook, when it came to the fresh start on a Monday I would have the motivation to get a good amount of work done. This ability to restart and get back on the wagon is so refreshing!

So how does this relate now we’re not actually at university? We have all heard a hundred times how important it is to have a routine during lockdown, and I couldn’t agree more, but I often found myself straying from this routine the further into the week and the further into lockdown I got. So, to combat this, if I ever found myself straying ‘too far’ from my routine, I’d give myself the rest of the week to rest and recover, and then I’d press that reset button on Monday morning, ready for a positive and productive week ahead.

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Hi! I'm Georgia and I'm a second year maths and psychology student, but university is about so much more than that for me. I am hoping to share some of my experiences on this platform about societies, sports clubs, social life, study abroad, and so much more, in the hope that it might give you some inspiration about what you can spend your time at university doing. Enjoy!

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