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As the year has come to an end and the final issue of the Magdalen has been released, I wanted to talk about getting involved with DUSA media’s as they’ve just opened for applications for the following year! 

I’ve been writing for the magdalen magazine since my first year at uni, working as the creative writing editor this last year, and it’s been such a great experience! Ive had great communication with my writers, Ive taught a lot about resilience, organisation and self awareness as Ive had to stick to deadlines, give feedback and oversee the writings in my sections. The creative writing section was particular popular this last year so Ive had to make sure our word counts would be kept as well as make sure there wouldn’t be any mistakes entering the print.

Whether you’d like to one day become a serious journalist, life magazine writer, or would just like to share your opinion, the DUSA media’s are the place to be! The magdalen is just one of the opportunities available, perfect if you’re into writing, animation. Illustration or graphic design! Also, it’s pretty cool getting to see your own writing in print. One of the most important things we do at uni is writing, so this is also a great and creative way to get some writing practice in a fun and relaxing way. 

If you are studying abroad like me, it can also give you an opportunity to air your thoughts in the international section: share your experiences, your language or food. Its a fun way to reach out to your Scottish friends or learn something new from other international students: it might be an eye-opener or way to learn something from another part of the world.

Fibre is basically the online version of Magdalen and you can instantly get your articles online, it’s easy to share with your family or friends! If you’re into film Tay Productions would be the perfect fit for you and Jam radio is the perfect place for you if you’d like some time to talk about whatever you’d like to!

Whatever you’re into, this will definitely look great on your CV and it’s a really cool add on to your uni-experience. Not to talk about the awesome people you get to meet and work with!

If you’re not sure yet if its something you’d like to do, the medias do a DUSA Media week each year, which includes 5 days where you get to come and hear all about the different aspects of the 5 different medias!

Got any questions? Pop the in the comment section below or head to

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