Around Dundee’s Parks

Making a great run / cycle through the green spaces of Dundee.

Being able to escape urban settings is an excellent way to de-stress. Scotland has plenty of fantastic natural locations, but since it is suggested to stay local at the moment, I made a route connecting many of Dundee’s parks. It offers to stay as much off the streets as possible while staying within the city.

It turned into a pleasant loop, about 18 miles / 29 km long, of which is about 70% off the streets. It also avoids some of the busiest parks near the citycentre, such as Dudhope, Baxter, and Lochee, which make social distancing easier. All of it is on a smooth surface, so anyone with mild fitness can do it on a bike, and anyone with moderate fitness can walk it.

Here it is:

The start is described from the V&A (A) , but feel free to join anywhere.

    • Head west to Magdalen Green (1). Alternatively, follow the riverside path around the railroad bridge. This option is usually more crowded, though.
    • Join the cycling path by riverside sports grounds, and continue west past the airport. Then turn left towards the Riverside Nature Preserve (2).

    • Enjoy the view on Tay, and re-join the cycling path in the same direction, until you get to a tunnel under the A85 road – Use it to cross the road, turn left, and follow signs marking a cycling path. It takes you on a neat road through the greenery, that circles around Ninewells to the South Road Park (3).
    • Stay on the path going east towards Lochee, where you need to cross the A923. Join the Loon’s Road and turn left to the Old King’s Cross Road. It will take you to the Miley Nature Reserve by an old railway course, a cool, car-less path.
    • Once you exit the path, turn right to follow the Clepington Road around the north entrance to the Kings Cross Hospital. Turn left on the traffic lights to Strathmartine Road, which will take you to Fairmuir park (4).
    • After you cross the park, turn left and keep going north, until you reach Caird Park (5). Enter, and head east until the Mains Castle.
    • Head north, cross the A90 and get straight into another park: Finlathen (6).
    • Continue eastbound and smoothly enter Drumgeith Park (7).

    • Keep following the Deighty Burn until you pass the Michelin factory. Then turn right to Baldovie Rd and keep south until you get to the Claypotts Castle. Turn right to get to Dawson Park (8).

    • Once out of the park, turn left and head southwest until you get to the waterfront. Join the coastal path back to the V&A.

If you feel like the loop is a piece of cake and you are hungry for more, you can extend the route by another ~ 4.5 miles / 7 km further east, like this:

It goes like the one above until you are by the Claypotts Castle. Here, you have to go left to follow the cycling path next to the A92. Once you cross the Deighty Burn again, you turn right to get into another lovely park (8) and Monifieth.

There, turn right on the coastal path to Broughty Ferry (9) and back to V&A.


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