Why Dundee?

Why Dundee?

During my last four years studying in Dundee, I’ve come to realise that Dundee is a really amazing city. There is so much to see in Dundee, that even after four years, there are still a lot of things on my to do list! Whatever your interest is, you’ll never be bored. Here are my favourite things about the city:

It’s History!

  • There are a lot of historical sites in Dundee, which, if you’re a history student like me, is bound to make you excited! There’s the RRS Discovery, located on Dundee’s waterfront. Built in Dundee in 1901, the ship’s caption, Caption Robert Falcon Scott, set sail for the Antarctic to carry out scientific research. After spending two years trapped in the ice, the ship eventually made its way back to Dundee, where it is docked and open to visitors. Another one of my favourite spots is Verdant Works. While Dundee once contained many hundreds of mills, Verdant has been fully restored, and is now a fully functioning jute mill. The mill provides a link to Dundee’s industrial past and gives an insight into what life in the city was like.


  • Whatever your dietary requirements or food budget, Dundee delivers! There’s a large variety of international restaurants in the city centre, including Mexican, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and French cuisine! If you’re a vegan or vegetarian like me, the Flame Tree café has a great menu with wide range of options available. Located on both Perth Road and Exchange Street, the menu is affordable and versatile. Mozza is another popular spot! Specialising in Neapolitan wood fired pizza, Mozza offer a huge range of pizzas, with both vegan and vegetation options available.


  • Dundee is home to a range of museums and galleries. The V&A recently opened up on Dundee’s waterfront, and is the first museum in Scotland dedicated to design. Designed by the Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, the museum opened in 2018, and contains the work of Scottish designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Holly Fulton. The MacManus Gallery too is a perfect destination for art lovers. Located right in the centre of the city, it has many collections of Victorian art. And if art isn’t your thing, the beautiful Victorian Gothic architecture is a must see.

  • It’s Central location

Located right in the centre of Scotland, Dundee is in a great central location for travelling to other areas! St Andrews, the home of golf, is easily accessible by bus. The town is full of lovely cafes and gift shops, and the ruins of the cathedral are well worth visiting! Edinburgh is not too far from Dundee too, taking roughly 1.30 hours by train. From Dundee, you travel north and venture into Highland Perthshire in less than an hour! Here, you can enjoy Scotland’s iconic scenery, visit historic towns such as Aberfeldy or Pitlochry, or explore one of the many castles that Scotland has to offer.

The parks.

  • While Dundee is small in comparison to cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, the city has over 50 parks, totalling at 4000 acres! My personal favourite is Camperdown, which, aside from containing over 400 acres of beautiful park land, is also home to 80 species of animals ranging from bears to otters. The park is a perfect spot for a picnic, or just a walk around to unwind after class.

The Shops!

  • Dundee has a range of shopping centres and retail outlets. Between the Overgate Centre, the Wellgate and the Highstreet, you are spoiled for choice if you are ever in need of a distraction in the form of retail therapy! From Topshop and Newlook to Lush and Sports Direct, there are a whole range of shops to suit your needs. The shops are only a few minutes’ walk away from Campus.

The weather!

  • Dundee was voted Scotland’s sunniest city in 2018. While Scotland’s climate is far from predictable, Dundee definitely has more than its fair share of blue skies.


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