Going green?

6 easy tips for making your summer life greener!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that it is about time to start living a more sustainable life, here are 6 easy steps for you to start doing so this summer! Going green can reduce your expenses and lead to a healthier lifestyle for you, your family, and the environment!

  1. Clean Up Without Being Dirty.

Many cleaning products contain elements that harm the environment when they end up in the sewer. By buying eco-friendly cleaning products, you can get the cleaning job done while you’re also doing the environment a favor! All you have to do is look for products that use plant extracts, aromatherapy oils as scent, and food-grade ingredients such as coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, and citric acid. Wilko Eco Cleaning Bundle[1] is a green cleaning product brand with plant-derived ingredients, vegan friendly and it smells great!

  1. Stop Food Waste.
    How much food have you honestly been throwing out this week? Limp vegetables, dry bread, leftovers from dinner often ends up in the food waste bin when there’s no need. When you do so it’s a waste of all the energy it has taken to produce it. Instead, use the less resilient vegetables for soups and purées, toast the dry bread on the pan for rye cereal and use the leftovers for the next day’s lunch.
  2. Reuse.
    There are so many things you can reuse and it’s quick and easy to start doing: get reusable water bottles, mugs, shopping bags – you get the idea! This will not only reduce the amount of plastic you use on every grocery trip; it will also reduce your expenses as you will just reuse your onetime-buy rather than keep buying new ones!
  3. Eat Locally.
    Farmer’s markets are a great way to spend some of the summer days and a great experience for both yourself and your fruends. (for when they do open again) By buying a product that hasn’t travelled far to get on your plate, you will contribute to considerably reduced levels of pollution and you can also make the most of Scotland’s natural resources. Visitscotland.com[2] has made a list of local farmers markets across Scotland making it easy for you to find!
  4. Recycle.
    Whenever possible reuse the packaging plastics, paper products or upcycle old items. Think about which trash can be saved from a landfill before you throw it in the black bin.
  5. Meat-free day!
    You do not have to give up meat for good to help the environment, but by having just one meat-free once in a while, you can positively influence change. Meat production emits 18 percent of total greenhouse gases – that’s more than the transportation sector! Furthermore, eating less meat will have profound health benefits, reducing risks for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Lastly, when you do eat meat, make sure to look for labels indicating free-range and organic.

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