How to improve your linkedin page for summer internships

Even though it can be difficult to see what the summer prospects will turn out to be this summer, there are still lots of opportunities to work and improve the little things from home you never managed to find time to do before. This could be relearning languages long forgotten, rewriting your CV, try out new exercises or as this post will be about: improving your LinkedIn profile! I know many internship opportunities have been canceled already, yet there are still more to come. Especially online internships seem to be popping up more and more so there’s still plenty of reason to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date to improve your opportunities for another thing to add to your CV!

  1. Make sure to update your location. Many of us have relocated home or new places due to corona. In order to get the best job prospect on your LinkedIn, remember to update your location. Even if you can’t physically appear some companies might want to hire someone who is close by for when the society can open again.
  2. Be strategic about your endorsed skills. Add keys you know a prospective job offer or internship will be looking for. Delete any meaningless skills while relocating so your most important skill is on top. This will give employers the chance to see if you’ve got what they’re looking for quick and easy.
  3. Add a background. Linkedin gives you the opportunity to include so much more than a CV does so remember to use the features available: this will make you stand out and allow you to display your creativity!
  4. Improve your headline. This is your opportunity to catch potential employers’ attention. All it takes is one, strong sentence and you might have your dream internship firm checking out your Linkedin profile before you even applied to the position!
  5. Request a recommendation. Now if you did (or are planning on taking the internship module your first or second year, this was one of the hand-in requirements. But having a recommendation on your profile can show your potential employer that there are others than yourself who view you as a great potential boon!
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