Post-Exam Activities

It has been a couple of weeks since my last exam of the year, a day I long waited for. Since then, I promised to keep myself busy and to have fun with the time I had off. I had prepared a list of things to do once I was finished studying, and I can say I yet to get bored with my free time.


I luckily have a few hobbies that I finally picked back up after years of abandonment.


Drawing – I finally ordered myself a new sketch book and pencils and began to draw and watercolour again. This is great during lockdown and can be done while watching a movie too. It kept me occupied during raining days.


Music – I love to listen to music and play music as well! I have my own guitar which I have played for years. I finally have had time to start learning new songs and more difficult picking patterns. My flatmate has a ukulele which I also would like to learn too. Creating Spotify playlist is always a way to spend my time productively for different moods.


I have finally got round to Scrapbooking and Photo Albums. I have printed photos out for years of my holidays, and unfortunetly they have sat in their envelopes ever since. So, I ordered a photo album and starting organising. It was nostalgic and heart-warming to look through old memories, even better to eventually place my photos safely where I can always look back at.


Finding time to read again. Whether it is books or articles, I found downtime to relax and read again. I am not a huge avid reader, but in times when I have spare moments or cannot think of things to do I find sitting with a book passes the time.


Languages- Just by having the Duolingo app on my phone, I can practice my Spanish at any given time. I have always wanted to learn Spanish but just haven’t found the time to practice. It has beginners lessons that I can complete. Even 5-10 minutes of spending time on the app is worthwhile.


Long walks around Dundee- I have probably visited every park in Dundee twice or three times already in the past 2 months of lockdown. I was getting a little of bored of being stuck in the same place so I alternated these walks. I finally took a long walk past Newport and to Wormit where I had my lunch on the beach during this sunny weather.


I have a long, long list of other activities to do whilst still in lockdown which includes:





-A LONG Movie list



Although these weeks have been long , there is always something to do to keep busy or mind occupied. Hope you got a few ideas!


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Hi! I am a new student blogger this year. I am in my 4th of University studying Civil Engineering. I hope to talk about life in Univeristy and outwith your studies to make the most of your time here!

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