Working on your CV during COVID-19

Every year I spend a couple of hours per week applying for internships, networking and working all with the goal of improving my CV and graduate job prospects. This year I had been extremely lucky and got two internships, due to the corona virus pandemic understandably one has been cancelled and the other is on hold. So, what should I do this summer?

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Firstly, it’s okay and there is no need to panic, employers will be understanding, if your internship has been cancelled try asking if you can work from afar on a small project or get a day in the office later on in the year. This will make you look keen and stand out. I know people who have internships from home and others who have had internships increased to placement years or graduate jobs. It’s all about being polite, understanding and asking. This will show initiative and make you stand out

Secondly, work on getting a part time job, while at the minute it could be tricky there are jobs within supermarkets and the NHS track and trace project. The economy is reopening so there are opportunities opening every day, plus it’s important to keep yourself out there. If you don’t have LinkedIn use this time to set one up and use it to job hunt.

Thirdly, go and look for some volunteering experience or someway to get involved in a community project that will allow you to give back and help during these difficult times. In Dundee, there are Facebook pages set up where volunteers can help the venerable by shopping for them.

Lastly, you could also take up an online course or project which could be beneficial such as coding, Photoshop or a language. This will help to build your skill bank and allow you to shine compared to other graduates.

Finally, prepare your CV and cover letter for applying next year.

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Hi, I'm a Fourth Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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