Saturated Outskirts

Finding greenery beyond the city limit.

Exposure to nature and exploring new environments is immensely relaxing to me. Since my move to Scotland, I often went to the Highlands, in order to de-stress, recharge, and to escape the city’s greyness:

Colour is a fascinating pattern across the urban areas of the UK, plenty of them are executed in rather sober tones. I understand its historical context, as most of the old buildings are made using from grey stone or brown bricks, but even new structures are maintaining this palette.

Living in the black and white world seems to be of the broadest appeal here. Even cars reflect this; last year, nearly 70 percent of newly registered passenger vehicles in the UK were black, white, grey, or silver.

To be fair, I wear mostly muted colours too; however, that’s partially to compensate that I am 6’6″ – I really don’t need any bright clothes to stick out of the crowd any more than I do.

Sometimes, it is fun to walk through such greyness. You get a feel like you entered an old faded film – which can be exciting. But if you live in it 24/7, a break from it is welcomed.

Since the lockdown started, I discovered that you don’t need to go far to do so. As soon as you hit the city edge, the hues increase their saturation, there is no traffic in sight… all is good. Below is a collection of my favourite roads and paths that I found within 10km radius from Dundee:

Hope this can inspire you to do your own exploration of what’s just behind the doorsteps. You might be surprised by what you will find.
Thanks for reading.

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