Tentsmuir Therapy

Using local natural resources as a mental health aid.

After a busy summer semester, I reached the final stage of my course. The recent weeks were a bit rough, and I have been struggling with sleep. So the other day, I took a day off and went to a nature preserve just off Dundee, Tentsmuir. To get there, one has to cross the Tay Bridge and head towards Tayport, where is a neat view on Dundee, including the Broughty Castle.

From Tayport, it takes no time to reach the forest.

Suddenly, the brick walls get replaced by trees, the air is fresh, and it feels good. What’s even better, the forest has a few spots with loads of raspberries.

So, I interrupted my journey to have a healthy afternoon snack. Yey!

Then, I left the woods and passed a scenic grassland…

…to reach a beautiful sandy beach.

It was one of the last warm days this year, so I better utilize it!

The sea was a bit choppy; still, swimming felt fantastic.

Refreshed, I set off back to Dundee. Navigating through narrow tracks further contributed to a smile on my face.

I took the happiness from my outdoor venture with me, and I still felt great after returning to the city. And later in the evening, I fell asleep with no issues.

There you have it. Natural resources aren’t only about digging coal or harvesting wind; they are also a fantastic tool to make you feel better. No need to take my word for it; scientific research proved that being around trees lowers blood pressure and reduces stress while it improves mood, concentration, and memory.

There is a chance that you are just starting a course after a break, you are all excited, and reading about mental health at this stage might seem out of place. But keep it in mind – there are some pretty natural areas in each direction from Dundee, so if you feel down at some point in your stay here, make some use of it!

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