4 beginner friendly meals for students!

Starting uni and never cooked a meal before? Do not worry, you do not have to rely on takeaway and fast food, there are plenty of easy, beginner-friendly meals for you to try! I’ve here found 4 easy, cheap, and delicious dishes for you to cook for dinner, tonight!

  1. A Stir Fry. In my opinion, a stir fry is one of the easiest recipes out there, and you can make it how you like it! ITs basically throwing a bunch of vegetables and some meat or alternative options on a frying pan with some oil, add some spices you like, let it cook for a bit, and voila! One easy, home-made dinner dish.
  2. Homemade pizza. I know what you might think, that’s a lot of work! But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Most supermarkets sell ready-made pizza bases, and all you have to do is add some tomato sauce and your favorite toppings! Another quick alternative is to use tortilla wraps as the pizza base. It’s a great way to cook a quick and healthy dinner and perhaps use some of your leftovers!
  3. Jacket potato. Another meal that is so easy, its almost stupid not to do. Turn on the oven, throw in a good, healthy sized jacket potato, and get your toppings ready. A personal favorite of mine’s cheese and BBQ jackfruit.
  4. Lasagna. Its a classic and you can make the perfect dish by just adding lasagna sheets, tomato filling, and plenty of cheese. It takes a few steps, but they’re easy to follow and really hard to mess up.

Being a student in Scotland is rather challenging right now and it’s hard to keep the positive mindset, but do feel free to try some of these recipes and hopefully a warm, homemade dish will make a little difference for you.

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