The hidden gems of Dundee

Let’s be honest, it seems harder and harder finding things to do in Dundee. Some students are isolating and for now we aren’t even allowed to go for a pint or a meal out. So I wanted to share with you some of the hidden gem of Dundee that hopefully give you an idea or two of things we’re allowed to do!

  1. Broughty Ferry shoreline. A nice walk by the beach, get in some fresh air and have a look around Brought Ferry’s cute little shops. There’s even a little castle fortress for you to wander next to, and on a sunny day I can recommend an ice cream at Visocchi’s Cafe!
  2. The Old Steeple. Did you know Dundee has Scotland’s oldest surviving medieval church tower? Right in the middle of the city! The tower still standing has made it through 500 years of wars and attacks and today it is the home to a collection of medieval carved stones, an Antiquities Room, and the Cap House.
  3. Clark’s. If you’re a new student to Dundee, you gotta get familiar with Clark’s. The 24-hour bakery is not only the only decent place to get chips in the middle of the night, their cinnamon buns are also a must-taste!
  4. Tentsmuir Forest. It is only a bus ride away, and when there’s low tide you can see actual seals chilling on the beach! It’s perfect if you need a little space from the city life in Dundee and it’s big enough to give you a couple of hours walk, through both beach and the forest. Before it gets cold you could even bring a picnic basket and enjoy the sunrays!
  5. The Dundee Law. I know this one is not hidden per se, but it’s always a good idea to make the wee hike up Dundee’s very own hill with a beautiful viewpoint over the city and the Tay. The sunrises and sunsets especially are worth a visit.

There you go, hopefully these 5 places might get you some ideas of things to do in this weekend or throughout the year!

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