The best takeaway places in Dundee

As its getting harder making it to dinner before the restaurants close and too cold to sit outside, I’m here to share with you the best places to get takeaway in Dundee (and support our local business at the same time) They all offer both vegan and vegetarian options too. We might not have a lot of options for meeting or going out, but at least most foods and drinks can still be brought inside. You could always facetime your family and friends and have a meal ‘together’, or just treat yourself on a rainy day like today where no one really wanna go outside.

  1. I gotta start with my personal all time favourite Resturant in Dundee: Rancho Pancho. Whether you’re usually big on Mexican or not, this place is amazing. I think its very fairly priced and I can promise you that they make big portions that’ll not only make you very full but maybe even got you covered for next day’s lunch. You can order collection takeaway every week day and they deliver on weekends from 4pm. (PS: my recommendation is to get the enchiladas)
  2. Chopstix Noodles Bar. If you’re in the mood for Chinese, I can promise you Chopstix can deliver. They make oriental quick-service take away and is the perfect solution for a whack pick-me-up meal at the cheeper end of things.
  3. Mozza. If I’m in the mood for pizza, I always go for Mozza. Right now they offer any pizza and a soft drink for only £9 per person! If you got for vegan here, their vegan cheese is definitely worth a try!
  4. In the end I just wanted to mention a few places that unfortunately don’t do takeaway but they make delicious burgers if you do decide to go out for a meal: Tonic, Duke’s Corner, The Bach and the Giddy Goose!


Whats your favourite places to get takeaway from in Dundee?


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