Why we reinvent outselves at uni

New beginnings can often aspire new ideas and boldness. I mean, there’s a reason why New Years Resolutions are such a big thing. For some reason it just seems easier to make life-changing changes when something mayor is going on around us too. But it can also be a very difficult and hard thing to do, especially when you might be at home, surrounded by people and friends who’s known you all your life. What if they’ll make comments or see you in a negatively light if you suddenly start doing or acting differently? Starting on something new in your life is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, and starting university is a great time and the  place.

Getting rid of bad habits can be rather difficult, but when everything else is changing in your life, such as the place you live, the people around you, the city and even the way you get educated, it seems like getting a completely fresh start fits well. Maybe that’s why it feels so easy to reinvent yourself. It’s not about changing your personality and trying to be someone else, but rather about becoming more yourself. At home you might have found it difficult to do the things you really wanted, out of fear by being judged by the people who’s known you for years. They might laugh at you or ask silly questions if you suddenly started wearing those killer-boots to school, dyed your hair pink or if you suddenly started talking more, smiling more or whatever it is. But think about for a minute: youre starting a completely new chapter in your life. This is the time to reinvent yourself. No one really knows you, they don’t know what your ‘usual way of dressing or acting is. That means no one will judge you. You can try out something you’ve always wanted to try (DUSA’s many societies are helpful here) and even if you after a few weeks don’t think its your thing, you can stop again just as quick. And only you will know. Thats why now is the time to break those old habits and traditions, go outside your comfort zone and just give it a try. By reinventing yourself you might be getting to know yourself more and actually finally have a chance to explore the countless opportunities life can offer as well as the opportunities uni life gives.

If you feel like going crazy and doing something you’ve never done before, do it. No one knows you, so it’s up to you: if you want to reinvent yourself to this new world you’re encountering now is your chance.

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