Trying Again: Falling in Love with Blogging

It’s a strange time, between a global pandemic and university. I have struggled to know what to feel again, I know I must not be the only one. It feels like I am standing in a queue to get back on the second ride of the emotional rollercoaster (thanks COVID!).

I have tried to further my career opportunities but also my personal aspirations in life. I decided it was finally time to go for that maths qualification I failed in fourth year, so, I can practice being a teacher. Finally taking the right steps to pursue my love for education politics and teaching. Focusing a lot (pre-covid) in voluntary work to promote the importance of higher and further education. Revising for my maths exam (on spooktober, wish me luck!). Then working my part-time job as a beauty advisor.

Learning to appreciate the little victories in life is hard if you’re a natural pessimist. Learning to take full advantage of good days and re-training your brain to remember is new. I am now the living embodiment of Dory from Finding Nemo. I am so grateful that all my family and friends are safe and well. They have a roof over their heads and food. A special shout out to my angel of a flatmate who goes above and beyond on very bad days. I still have 100 per cent wages coming through from a job I have been in furlough longer than I have worked.

Moving house! Who would’ve thought of moving house during a pandemic would be so cathartic! I didn’t. getting rid of the old and getting ready for a new start and well, a new normal it seems. But also, the opportunity to gain the chance to blog again. I did this on a whim, thinking ‘there are enough student bloggers out there, they don’t need me’ looks like I got it! I started my love for writing during school, I became a freelance writer and blogger at sixteen. Then given the opportunity to be a trainee journalist and gave that up to go to university and study Politics and International Relations. I considered giving up blogging many times, it is not sustainable. It was a hobby that became dead after I started university but the very first blog is still around if you dig deep enough. Now I am part of the student blogger team for the University of Dundee.

While blogging has given me so many opportunities, there are other easier ways. With the rise of Tiktok and Instagram, reading longer posts are now cathartic for the writers. I have met some amazing people through blogging experiences. I hope this will a nice addition to experiences and hope to have more!

See you soon,

Sarah 🙂

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