Getting ready for Dundee’s Winter

The temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter. Dundee’s winter can be freezing especially for students like myself coming from the tropics. For some of us, adjusting to UK’s winter can be difficult however I am here to provide some tips that could help you deal with Dundee’s unpredictable weather.

Number 1 -invest in good winter clothing. The most important tip is to get a proper winter jacket also known as parka. They are usually waterproof and can handle cold temperatures however make sure you get a comfortable one since you will wear it every day. Online websites and stores in Overgate like Superdry and Sports Direct usually have winter sales so invest in the coziest, thickest and fluffiest layers.

Number 2- Student accommodations have good heaters however private accommodations can get a little chilly. I would suggest getting a small portable heater. Amazon prime always has deals going on and I am sure you could find a range of heaters that would suit your budget. Additionally, having a hot water bottle can be handy. They are cheap and can easily warm your feet when you are on your bed.

Number 3- Scottish weather is unpredictable and can throw at you with blizzards and rain anytime. So always carry a good robust umbrella that can stand against strong winds. Additionally, wear a pair of grippy, waterproof shoes to avoid slipping down the Perth road. Similar to a parker, quality winter boots may not be cheap, but they are an investment that will last you through years.

Number 4 – don’t forget to keep yourself well. During winter months its quite easy to catch a cold when you don’t keep your self-layered up and have hot meals. Delivery is a dedicated student’s best friend. During these difficult times, delivery will not only save you time but the hazards of the chilly air. With student offers and discount codes, food delivery apps have become budget friendly.

Number 5 -Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the winter. Get into the holiday spirit and have Christmas movie nights with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Remember to dress in layers, stay warm and safe!



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