MEng Year in Civil Engineering

Hi everyone!

I have written about some of my experiences I have had over the years in my Civil Engineering degree. I thought I would follow this up to give you a rounded view of the end zone to the degree.

After developing skills through the previous modules from the previous years, some of these are extended into advanced knowledge of certain topics.

This year I study:

  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Project Management
  • Multi-Disciplinary Project

I will go through these for younger or incoming students to explain what you could be doing in the future within the course.

Advanced Structural Analysis

This is a combination of knowledge/material gained in previous years in order to analysis complex structure. Specifically, in this module we are using a program called LUSAS which is a finite element software which is an engineering analysis software for civil engineering projects such as bridges and infrastructure. It has an integrated software which produces solutions to stress, strain and displacements of the model and more!

This is a key skill to develop for when you graduate and work in industry to solve complex civil engineering projects!

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

This is a very interesting module as you really feel like you are applying skills and knowledge to real life examples.

In the previous years of the degree, we extensively learnt about the behaviour of soil and its properties. This module teaches how buildings are designed to resist earthquake loading/ shaking using real earthquake data and techniques.

It involves calculating bending moments induced on building elements such as columns, by earthquakes, which will provide knowledge on the required section sizes for steel or concrete elements.

Sustainable Construction

The profession of Civil engineering and building construction heavily contributes to the amount of Co2 released into the atmosphere every year and our effect on the environment. This means we need to be constantly improving are ways of reducing our carbon footprint! This is very important for any new civil engineer in this day and age! Every company requires graduates to be passionate about sustainability and what you can do to contribute.

Therefore, this module is teaching ways of adapting concrete mixes/ using alternative cements in order to reduce its negative impact.

Project Management

In this module we learn ways of creating and maintaining a team.

Using real case-studies, we analyse where the company, the leader, or the team members have gone wrong in a project and how they could improve. This is important for project managers in civil engineering projects and design teams to efficiently run successful teams and deliver projects on time and in great quality.

Multi-Disciplinary Project

Lastly, the Multi-Disciplinary Project is a combination of everything you have learned in your degree in order to design and create a civil engineering project in a group. This year we are designing a Forensic Sciences building for the University of Dundee.

This will involve:

  • Brief analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Conceptual Designing
  • Structural Design
  • Geotechnical Design considerations

The list goes on. By the end of this module you will have designed a building to every detail. Your group will have produced a portfolio which will be marked and judged by a panel (the clients).

This module should build your teamworking, collaboration techniques, communication in a team and to your clients. It will also increase your professional manner and way of working on a project that will be very attractive to companies when you graduate. It may also help in your applications by using your portfolio as supporting documents.

V&A Design

To those of you looking at this in first year, don’t panic! You will gain a lot of knowledge and skills throughout your first 4 years that will prepare you for the Master’s year. This year is very interesting and I would highly recommend aiming to get into the masters, especially if you want to become charted in the future! However, there are many other path ways you can take! Mcs are also available and can be more focused on certain specialties which is also very interesting if you know which you would like to work in.


I hope this has been informative and interesting to read!

Written by:

Hi! I am in 5th year of University studying Civil Engineering. I hope to talk about life in Univeristy and outwith your studies to make the most of your time here!

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