How to Enjoy the 5th of November Fireworks

Two big firework displays are coming up in Dundee; here’s how to make the most of it.

The schedule is simple: one firework is in Baxter Park, the other in Lochee. Both are at the same time, so you have to decide where to go. During my time in Dundee, I went somewhere else each year – Here are my notes about where to go.

members of the uni’s photography society take pics of the firework in Lochee,

Lochee Park is the closer of the two from the UoD city campus – so it is easier and faster to walk there. Moreover, the path goes through two other parks, meaning that you won’t spend the entire way on busy streets, (like you would when going to Baxter). Plenty of societies are heading up here, so you have many chances of meeting some of your classmates.

colors above the Baxter Park

If you’ve been in Lochee Park already, or want to experience something different and meet people from the east side of the town, Baxter is a good choice. But it is about just as much crowded.

The massive crowds aren’t the only issue I see in the parks. Another one is that that play music there, to finish the atmosphere. Now, when the music is curated to work with the fireworks, it can be pretty neat. However, in Dundee’s case, they play pop with no synchronisation whatsoever. So, a Disney song turns into something like:
Let it gooo KABOOM
Let it BANG
POW PUFF go… it is like listening to a symphony with a broken drum machine. I am not a fan.

A tempting alternative is to head up the Law, from which, in theory, you can see both Lochee and Baxter’s shows. The problem is, about half of the city thinks the same. If the parks are crowded, the Law is beyond words, with a chance that you’ll end up seeing thousands of hats, but not much of the fireworks. And they play the radio there, too.

So then there’s another option, go elsewhere to enjoy them. Just north of Baxter is another park, with a pond in it. So you can see the fireworks being reflected on the water surface, which is neat. And to my surprise, when I was there last year, there were only four other people. That’s nothing! I could pick a bench of my preference, sit back, and relax in silence.

But the best place, in my opinion, is on the other side of Tay. Cross the bridge, and continue straight up the hill there. It is the furthest option, but you will be rewarded with views like this:

In conclusion, the parks will provide for a great show, and they are good for socializing. The Law has the views, but it is very crowded. If you want to beat the masses, the best is to go for an adventurous path of discovering an alternative. The fireworks will be smaller, but also quieter, and so you can have an uninterrupted chat with your friend, or enjoy the solitude. Whichever way you go, wear extra layers – it can get cold.

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