Queensferry & Deep Sea World

While day trips might seem like a thing of the past and unlikely to happen anytime soon it important to remember once the pandemic is over, we will need to find things to do!

One of my favourite day trips from Dundee is to Queensferry. You take the train to Inverkeithing and then change to for one stop to North Queensferry.

At North Queenferry you can visit Deep Sea World which is sign posted from the train station. You get a student discount ticket for 13.00 pounds!

This aquarium while slightly dated has Europe’s longest underground water tunnel with a travellator the whole way around!
Within the tank you can see many sharks, crabs string rays and fish! It’s absolutely mesmerising.

If you plan your trip well, you can see a seal show or get to swim with the sharks… If you are brave enough!

Once you have finished in the Aquarium you get to admire the old Queensferry rail bridge. (As a civil engineer this is amazing).

I would very much recommend you go on a sunny day because you can walk across the Queensferry crossing which is about 3 miles to Queensferry. The views are unbelievable! However, there are buses you can take!

Queensferry is a beautiful old stone village. With shops that look like they haven’t changed since the 1920s! Beautiful old sweet shops and grocery shops. My favourite building is a distinctive church!

I highly recommend you try the Boat House, a lovely restaurant with great views of the Bridges and a terrace next to the beach. They have a wide range of meals choices and Blue moon on tap, which is perfect sitting in the sun listening to the waves crash onto the beach.
Finally, you can get tours of an old Fort that was then converted into a prison in the middle of the Forth.

To sum up, Queensferry is a prime location for a day trip with tons to offer. I cannot recommend the salmon and prawn pasta enough either!

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Hi, I'm a Masters Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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